Zingonia: Art Integration Multiculture

Production: Reporting system
Editions: a+mbookstore, Milan 2001
Graphic design 46xy
Copyright: the publisher and the authors
ISBN 88-87071-12-8

A public art project, born from an idea by Gennaro Castellano, which proposes the involvement of artists in direct relationship with the territory, focusing attention on the suburbs and the intercultural element. An opportunity for artists, immigrant communities, local people and administrators to meet in order to create convergences of visions and proposals. The artists Stefano Arienti, Gennaro Castellano, Liliana Moro, Luca Vitone participated. The project won the Minimum Prize at Cittadellarte, Fontazione-Pistoletto on the occasion of the exhibition curated by Anna Detheridge and Cittadellarte: "Public art - the space of relationships", 2003.

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